Commercial Waste Services​

Our commercial services are perfect for businesses and/or organisations who produce more waste than your normal council service can support. The benefit of using RBS for commercial service is that we understand not every business or organisation is the same. We can tailor our services to ensure you receive the most suitable service for your requirements. Our commercial services cover waste removal from bin sizes 240 litre, 660 litre, 1100 litre or Skip Bin Services.

General Waste Services

This service is provided for the disposal of general business waste which is generated on a daily basis. This waste typically consists of items such as food scraps, soft plastic packaging, food wrappers, facial tissues, paper towels, polystyrene meat trays, and various other small waste products commonly produced in commercial and public environments. 

Co-Mingled Recycling Services

RBS offers a co-mingled recycling solution which allows all material to be placed into a single bin/s without the requirement for sorting or separation of items.

Common recyclables material include paper, cardboard, milk bottles and cartons, plastic drink bottles, aluminium cans, hard plastic food containers, shampoo & conditioner bottles and glass bottles.

Cardboard Only

Our cardboard recycling service is perfect for the management of bulk amounts of cardboard. We can provide cardboard specific bins to ensure that you are not wasting valuable space in your co-mingled recycling bins.

What We Offer

Our scheduled services ensures that waste is one less thing that you need to worry about. We eliminate the need for phoning to arrange for bins to be emptied which reduces the likelihood of overflowing bins while waiting for your waste to be collected.

RBS can provide a variety of bin styles and sizes depending on your requirements. Our standard commercial size bin range is 240 litre, 660 litre or 1100 Litre Mobile Garbage Bins 

There are many factors that can make waste a “sometime issue” for many businesses or organisations. In these cases collection as required may be a better solution for you. With our one off or as required services we can provide services to empty your existing bins to ensure your waste is managed efficiently. 

For those large and bulky “sometimes” items that can become a challenge to dispose of such as cardboard, pallets, scrap metal & green waste RBS can assist. With our one off or as required services these items can be easily eliminating without the need to fill your existing bins or having piles of excess waste.

We understand each business is different and access to site may vary depending on many factors. We can make personalised arrangements with you based on the specific needs for your business, staff, clients, students or traffic management.

Our secure accounting and direct debit system simplifies the process of paying for your services by automatically processing payment on your invoice due date.

RBS offer 21-day trading accounts for business customers, enabling them to settle payments within 21 days after the end of the month. This flexibility offers customers the convenience to manage their cash flow while accessing essential services immediately.

Businesses We Work With

We feel one of the most importance factors in providing “A Better Waste Management Solution” for our clients is exceptional communication. Here at RBS we are frequently commended for our good old fashion customer service, communication and dedication to our clients which is something we are extremely proud of. If you are looking for a better solution for your waste management we welcome to you contact us to arrange a site assessments and meeting to discuss how we may be able to assist you further.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer direct debit or EFT payment services.

We cover approximately a 70km radius around Bathurst NSW. If you are unsure if you fall into our coverage area we welcome you to reach out and we can let you know if we cover your location and how often our services are provided in your area.

We offer weekly, 2 weekly or 4 weekly collection cycles all of which are dependant on your location.

Yes bins are provided with your service. You can request the number of bins you require for the collection period provided in your area. The bins remain the property of RBS. When your agreement ceases the bins are returned to RBS.

For our commercial clients we provide bins specific to your needs. We offer 240 Litre, 660 Litre and 1100 Litre wheeled bins. You may prefer one of our skips with lids fitted and these sizes range from 2 cubic metre through to 8 cubic metres.

Our standard contract period is 12 months however depending on your circumstances we may agree upon a shorter period.

Yes we can provide an as required service using your own bins.

Yes we do! We encourage you to contact us directly on 0431 721 858 to discuss this requirement further.

Please feel free to give us a call on 0431 721 858 to discuss your order. We may refer you back to our website to register to ensure all your information is  correctly captured. Please note that for non account customers payment is required prior to the bin being despatched. Skip Bin Booking Page:

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Commercial Services


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