Residential Waste Services​

The perfect solution for residents who live out of town / outside of council service areas. We provide two services types for our residential customers, General Waste and Recycling. These services are provided on scheduled collection cycles which are determined by the service type, your location along with your personal requirements. 

General Waste

This service is provided for the disposal of regular household waste which is generated on a daily basis. This waste typically consists of items such as food scraps, soft plastic packaging, nappies, food wrappers, facial tissues, paper towels, polystyrene meat trays, and various other small waste products commonly produced in households. Our General waste bins are distinguishable by their orange lids, helping ensure that waste is placed in the correct bins.

Recycling Services

Our recycling service is provided for the disposal of household recyclable materials. RBS offers a co-mingled recycling solution which allows all material to be placed into a single bin/s without the requirement for sorting or separation of items.

Common household recyclables material include paper, cardboard, milk bottles and cartons, plastic drink bottles, aluminium cans, hard plastic food containers, shampoo & conditioner bottles and glass bottles.

Both services are provided on scheduled collection cycles which are determined by the service type, your location along with your personal requirements.

What We Offer

You will never do a trip to the tip again! RBS services are provided on a scheduled 2 or 4 weekly collection cycle. The collection cycle is determined by the service type, your location along with your personal requirements.

Bins are supplied with our service and you are able to select the required number of bins for your needs based on how often we service your location. The bins supplied are 240 Litre in size and have coloured lids to ensure it is easy to distinguish between General Waste (Orange Lid) and Recycling (Yellow Lid) to avoid contamination.

Yes that is right, we remind you when your bin/s are due for collection! RBS customers receive a personalised SMS collection reminder the day before their scheduled collection is due to ensure you do not miss your scheduled collection.

Our secure accounting and direct debit system simplifies the process of paying for your services by automatically processing payment every 4 weeks according to the services you have selected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our price, per bin collected, starts from $12.50 per 240 Litre bin. Price will depend on your location and we encourage you to reach out via the contact page (insert link) if you would like a specific quote for your location.

Our preferred payment method is direct debit in advance of services provided. If you are not comfortable with direct debit we can provide you with a 6 or 12 monthly invoice in advance of services provided.

We cover approximately a 70km radius around Bathurst NSW. If you are unsure if you fall into our coverage area we welcome you to reach out and we can let you know if we cover your location and how often our services are provided in your area.

We offer weekly, 2 weekly or 4 weekly collection cycles all of which are dependant on your location.

Yes bins are provided with your service. You can request the number of bins you require for the collection period provided in your area. The bins remain the property of RBS. When your agreement ceases the bins are returned to RBS.

Residential services are predominately provided with 240 Litre bins. These bins are the same size as most town bins provided by local councils.

Yes you may use your own bins as long as the are in good condition and free from cracks.

We do our best to collection from the location on your property that is most convenient for you however we do need to take into consideration your driveway conditions along with available space to turn the vehicles around. We will work out the most suitable collection location for both of us when you commence your service.

We provide our clients with a SMS reminder the day before collection around 4pm to aid in reminding you to place your bins in the arranged location for collection. You will pay for your scheduled collection if you do forget to place your bins out.

Our standard contract period is 12 months however depending on your circumstances we may agree upon a shorter period. An example of this would be if you we renting on a 6 month lease term.

Yes we have the option to suspend the service if you are going to be away from you property for a period of time. Please refer to our terms and conditions for details in relation to this.

Yes at the end of your agreement there will be bin cleaning and collection of the equipment (bins) fees and charges. Please refer to our terms and conditions for details in relation to this.

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