Owners: Michael and Shelley Ovenstone

We are a local, family owned business. We have both lived with town collection services throughout our lives until we moved to The Lagoon in 2014 and were hit with the reality of no town services!

We know all too well about the frustration of the dreaded trip to the tip each weekend or having to wait a long time for rural waste collection. As a result we decided to do something about it and bring a collection service to such rural areas throughout the Central West.

We pride ourselves on providing a regular, reliable and professional service. We offer weekly and fortnightly services for general household waste, recycling and commercial services.

So why not get back some of that precious time and “let us do it for you”…?

Have a look at what our customers think about our service;

“Shelley and the team at Rural Bin Service play an integral role within our business. Their quick response and understanding of time constraints have been essential to the success of our day to day operations and large scale events.

The have also taken the time to develop a fresh approach to their industry, which has seen us benefit from the use of the  Bin Bomb system.

Our fly reduction has been immediate and their consideration and understanding of our varied business, which includes farming as well as tourism, the key to a successful relationship.”

Heath Smith, Mayfield Gardens

“For years we have trudged all the way to the tip to get rid of our waste. The recycling at our rural tip was almost non-existent. The service provided by Mick and Shelley is first class, flexible and affordable. The main words they use when you ask for something a bit difficult is ‘no problem’ – old style country service. In addition, they are providing a complimentary service to our brigade (Glanmire RFS). To us volunteers, that’s the best thing since sliced bread! Good service, nice people. 

Brian and Christine, Napoleon Reef

“The Rural Bin Service is a fantastic service which provides quality garbage disposal for a very reasonable price. But that is not the only bonus, Rural Bin Service provides a very personal service from reminding you when they will be collecting the bins, to coming up to the house to get the bins when you forget to put them out! We can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Alyson and Mark Eves, O’Connell

“I have been using the service of Rural Bin Service since the company started last year and I have always found them friendly, prompt and reliable and their phone and internet customer service is awesome. If you are considering using this company, I would highly recommend them.”

Lynda Gibbon, Black Springs

“There are so many benefits to living in Rock Forest, and one of them is having your waste collected by Rural Bin Service! Since joining, I have received excellent communication and customer service, and the bins are always picked up promptly. It is such a convenient and time-saving service at a reasonable price. I have been so pleased with the service that I have recommended the company to others.”

Nicole Hansell, Rock Forest

“I love this service and recommend it to anyone interested in having their garbage taken away for them. They do a fortnightly pickup here so no longer do I have to travel to the tip. A little bit of city living convenience in the country. Thank you Rural Bin Service.”

Sylvia Munro, Palmers Oakey